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Why do we need Qigong if we sleep every night?

Updated: May 25, 2021

Why do we need Qigong if we sleep every night?

Sleep is supposed to be the time when you rest and recover from each day and daily activity. Sometimes a Day in the Life can be like a Battle! It's also important to ask; Is it simply enough to get a lot or sleep or extra sleep to recover?

The truth is, not all sleep is made equal! The quality of your sleep depends on the quality of your waking state;

- Were you stressed during the day? - Did you have a lot to think about during the day and had many problems to solve? - When you got home did you argue with a family member? - In the evening did you bathe yourself in bright, white LED lights? - Did you stare at your phone or computer screen and let your eyes fall asleep being flooded by the artificial light?

And also ask;

- What did you do to calm your thoughts and emotions when it's time to rest? - What did you do to nurture a state of rest and recovery by creating an supportive

environment that signals your body to enter deep sleep?

If you relax before you go to sleep your sleep quality will be much better. Likewise if you go to sleep tense, your sleep will be tense.

This is why Qigong exercises are designed to align body, energy and mind such that we learn how to enter a harmonic state at the end of the day. Even better; start the day with Qigong too! Start the day energised and end the day relaxed. Then you can do your daily deeds efficiently and empowered which leads to good sleep and good sleep leads to an empowered waking state.

This is an example of Ying/Yang dynamics in daily life. Learn to enter a deep sleep (yin) state and then you can enjoy the benefits of a powerful (yang) waking state! The two perpetuate each other because yin leads to yang and yang leads to yin. This is why you need Qigong: because Qigong gives you the tools to live a better life whether awake of asleep!

Are you making the most of the daily Yin/Yang cycles of your body?

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