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5 Top Tips for Making Positive Changes and Reaching your Goals!

1. Write down your goals clearly and put them somewhere that you can see them each day. If life is busy and you have a lot to do and think about, it is easy to forget your goals and stay on track unless you have a way to remind yourself and stay focused

2. Get rid of things that are slowing you down! If there are habits or things in your life which only drain you of enegy and distract you, it's time to drop them!

3. Implement ways to increase your energy levels: Staying focused and getting things done requires a lot of energy. Nuture your energy by doing exercises that cultivate qi and promote blood circulation, eat good food and get plenty of sleep. Exercises such as Qigong not only keep your body healthy & boost Personal Power, but also Clear your mind!

4. Give yourself a break: Take a break along the Way and strategically implement ways to rest, days to unwind and have fun. If your goal is to eat more healthy, it's ok to allow yourself to sometimes enjoy foods that you love (that may not be healthy). It's all about moderation. Don't over do things! In nature, there is a natural ebb and flow to all things; for example, during the day we are active but at night it is the time to rest and recover

5. Be patient: Steady progress is sustainable. Don't set unrealistic goals which are too difficult to achieve. If you set your goals so that you can achieve them in a steady Way, you will be much more relaxed and motivated on your journey!

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