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Live Online Meditation Classes: WuLiupai Broad Meditation

Meditation is the perfect practice to learn how to calm the mind and enter a peaceful state of rest and relaxation to recover mentally, emotionally and physcially from stress and day to day activity. We do this by learning to quiet the mind naturally by employing specific principles based on deep wisdom of the human body and mind. The unique aspect of the WuLiupai  Broad Meditation Method is that both the body and the mind are balanced as part of the practice by implementing a special set of warm-up exercises and stretches for all of the joints of the body. This greatly enhances the effects, progress and results of meditation practice!

Everyone Needs to learn how to use their mind and body to their best potential to Live Well. Learn how to handle your body and mind and start meditation practice today!

8 Wonderful Aspects of WuLiupai Broad Meditation

What a Live Online Lesson Looks Like



Join using your desktop, laptop, tablet or Phone

Luxury Home


Join from anywhere! Find a space that you want to learn from and suits YOU!

Practicing Tai Chi


Connect to classes by using the provided Skype link

Our Promise to You: A-LIVE Lessons!


We will closely guide you through your Journey every step of the way! Our focus is to ensure that every student achieves their desired results. This is why we Only teach LIVE - because the classes are ALIVE! Every lesson is unique and every student needs different advice and corrections. A-LIVE  Teaching Online offers many benefits that pre-recorded lessons cannot provide. We value each and every student and welcome them as part of our School and Community!

We Invite You to try our Classes for just one month and you will see the Benefits and Results! There are no lock-in periods and you can join month-to-month as you Wish!

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