Solving the Problems of Modern Living

The most unique aspect of Daogong is that it is specifically designed to give the modern human the tools to overcome the specific stressors of modern life. Daogong is based on Traditional/Ancient roots just like the various ancient forms of Qigong that are available but the key difference is that the Ancient forms were developed for people living in a different context and thus had different needs. Of course, all Qigong systems are based on the same fundamental principles but the specific types of exercises, what order they are performed in, how they relate to each other, how the internal principles of each exercise are studied and how the system comes together is a whole is of key importance and greatly affects a Qigong practitioner's progress and results.

Daogong is a fascinating journey into the inner world of the human being. What could be more valuable than being given the tools to find out for yourself how the human being is constructed and how to increase your personal power and potential? It i incredibly empowering. Most important of all, it is Practical. It teaches each practitioner skills that are universally applicable to everyday life!


Let's look in more detail at the meaning of Qigong and other important terms:

Qi - Gong


 Qi = 'energy' 


Gong = 'work'

Therefore, it can be translated as 'Energy Work'. This means that the Qigong practitioner is learning how to 'work' with their energy, their very life-essence, their vitality and it implies a very personal process; the mastery of one's life because one is expanding their potential as well as learning how to effectively and efficiently use their personal resources as they perform their actions in the world. The actions, tasks and deeds one performs is a reflection of their internal state, and Daogong allows the practitioner to learn how to adjust, maximise and harmonise their internal state.

Dao - Gong


 Dao = 'way'


Gong = 'work'

This can be translated as 'Dao Work' or 'Working with the Dao'. Daogong is a 'microcosm' of Daoism and its Wisdom on the Way of living a Harmonious and Balanced Life. The purpose of Daogong is that it is not something which is learned in the isolation of each class but it's benefits and effects become a part of one's daily life.


This brings much benefit to one's being and Daogong practitioners have the opportunity to improve all of the facets of their lives resulting in health, happiness and well being. The whole Human Being's potential is nurtured and developed with Daogong practice.