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My name is Luis De Florio and I have been practicing and carefully studying Daoism for over 10 years. I’m an instructor of Daode Centre (founded by Dmytri A. Artemiev) teaching the fundamental practices of our school. I am studying directly from the Chief Instructor of Daode Centre – Master Alexey A. Khokhlov in the following areas:


  • Daoism (Internal Alchemy) by School of "WuLiupai" (School of Teachings of Wu [Chong-xu]-Liu [Hua-yang]) & School of Wang Chongyang – Ma Danyang “Yuxianpai” (School of Meeting of the Immortals)

  • WuLiupai Broad Meditation Method

  • Jiuyangshengong (Ancient Southern School Alchemy)

  • Taijiquan (tai chi fist) Wu Hao style

  • Introductory Yuxianpai Set & Organ Methods

  • Zhan Zhuang/Post Standing Qigong

  • Advanced level Daogong (Unique Qigong/Neigong system)

My teacher A.A. Khokhlov has received methods directly from Mentors in China for over 15 years of regular visits studying Daoism under Traditional conditions by following Schools:

  • Daoism at the WuLiupai School - from the Patriarch of the School - Teacher of Single Yang

  • Daoism at the Yuxianpai School - from the Patriarch of the School - Zhu Mingxian


    Wu-Hao style Taijiquan - from the Patriarch of the School - Hao Zheng - grandson of the founder of Wu-Hao style Hao Weizhen

        Master A.A. Khokhlov has also accomplished studying at the Chinese Daoist Association both in groups and with individual visits led by the 6th chairman of the association, Ren Farong and the 7th chairman, Li Guangfu.


A bit more about myself:

How did I get to where I am and what am I doing here?

I would like to give you the opportunity to study Authentic Daoist Teachings that will empower and improve your life! It is my goal to personally study the teachings entrusted to me by my Teacher and School such that I am able to pass them on effectively to whomever is genuinely interested in learning. I established myself as an instructor by carefully practicing daily and travelling overseas yearly for several years to participate in intensive study and practice.

I started out with Karate when I was 10 years old and practiced it for over 10 years. In my early 20’s  I was looking to learn something new and thus my first encounter with Daoist Teachings was when I started studying for several years with a Master of Yang Style Taiji Quan (fist), Taiji Jien (longsword), Taiji Dao (broadsword) and Ba Gua as well as learned and taught his Qigong system. I also studied with a Master of the Ancient Daoist school of Longmenpai (Dragon Gate) and learned Internal Alchemy and Xingyi (martial art) methods.

I love nothing more than to see others benefit from our teachings and see the positive changes in their lives!

Studies and Qualifications

  • ​Certificate 3 in Information Technology

  • Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness, Master Trainer Qualification (Over 14 years experience working as a personal trainer focusing on the areas of rehab and injuries).

  • Bachelor in Exercise Science at ACU Sydney

  • Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine at UTS Sydney 

  • Diploma in Leadership and Management

  • Tai Chi (Taiji) and Qigong Instructor - Australian Taoist Kung Fu Association

  • Yuxinapai Alchemy, Qigong, WuLiupai Meditation & Wu Hao Tai chi Instructor - Dao De Centre

​I feel lucky to have been able to study both the Eastern (Oriental Medicine) and Western (Modern Bio-Medicine) perspectives of health and the inner workings of the human body. 

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