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See what our Students are Saying


"I have been practicing with Luis for over a month now and even though it has not been a long time I feel there are many unique things about

this course and this system. First, the format of the class is one hour per week skype sessions which is pretty much perfect for this system and Luis is a master of correcting students practice and is able to pick up on even minor errors quickly. This allows for optimal and efficient practice on your own during

the week. Additionally having someone to teach an authentic system online is rare and reduces ones need for travel and inconvenience, especially during this time of shutdowns when such things might be impossible or difficult. In addition to making sure students are practicing properly Luis has a keen sense on a students progress and is constantly engaging with the students in order to make sure we are on the right path and not deviating in practice. Having said that the system he teaches seems extraordinarily balanced compared to other systems I have practiced in the past and seems to put the physical functioning of the body in equilibrium. In addition I find it is beneficial to both body and mind in that it seems to produce a relaxed but not sleepy state of mind with enhanced body functioning. The exercises are not difficult to perform and one is able to do them on a daily basis without much interference in normal life and without serious lifestyle changes. A final note on lifestyle changes is that instead of using will-power to try to get rid of or reduce bad habits you may find that you naturally improve your lifestyle and habits from practicing this system!"

Andrew Neumann

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