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Re-connect with yourself

See the plants as they gently sway with the the breeze, moving with it, flowing to the tune of the moment moving as a whole.

Qigong is one of the absolute best investments one can make towards their ongoing and long term health and well-being. This is done by learning how to do simple and easy to learn body movements. These movements are suitable for any age and experience level.

How do simple movements create health and well being? It is not just about the movements (this is half of the equation) because once the movements are learned (structure memorised etc) it is important How the movements are done.

The How is crucial to effective Qigong practice and we teach all of our students the structure of the movements and most importantly, how to do them. This 'How' is something that cab only be learned from close instruction by an Instructor, working individually with each student.

The main essential skill in learning how to do Qigong effectively is learning how to relax during movement. This unlocks various natural and beneficial physiological responses in the body. The effects are felt as a sense of peace and happiness during and after Qigong practice. One can also experience heightened mental clarity and energy levels.

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