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Live Online  Tai Chi Classes

Strengthen and Boost your Health using Martial Art Principles

Tai chi (Taiji) is a profound practice. Traditionally, Tai chi is a martial art and for this reason it is a very versatile, practical and universally applicable practice for your daily life. Specifically, Tai chi takes into account and makes use of all of the different facets of the human being in a unified way. To give an example, when you practice Tai chi movements you need to move your body, pay attention to your body, pay attention to the movements & carefully apply the Tai chi internal principles (more about this later). The body movements strengthen both the physical body and the internal energy system and in the process by applying the principles one also develops a sharp and clear mind.

Tai chi is a martial art but it is mostly practiced for health purposes. Part of the reason for this is that the martial aspects are much more challenging to achieve and at the same time, the health-building aspects are the foundation of Tai chi practice. Without a strong body there is not point in practicing powerful movements that generate powerful forces because this will only result in injury. At the foundational level Tai chi helps the individual to develop a good foundation of health and learn how to harmonise the different aspects of one's being.

What sets Tai chi apart from other forms of exercise are the Internal Principles that are rich with profound  wisdom about the form and function human body and how to harmonise it. An experienced Tai chi practitioner can observe someone doing Tai chi and and will be able to tell if the person is doing Tai chi or if they are copying Tai chi movements. Anyone can mimic the movements but not everyone knows how to implement the internal principles. The movements and the application of the Principles makes effective Tai chi Practice. The movements are not as important as How they are done.

In our Live Online (more info live online classes here) Tai chi Classes our emphasis is not on learning a multitude of empty movements; Our goal is to teach every student the Tai chi Principles and how to apply them so that they can get the most out of Tai chi practice. If you would like to Learn Tai chi and the rich wisdom behind it's movements and be carefully guided every step of the way with individual instruction and correction, take the first step and claim your free 30 minute consultation by clicking the button below!