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Live Online Tai chi Classes

Traditionally, Tai chi is a martial art and for this reason it is a very versatile, practical and universally applicable practice for your wellbeing and daily life. Specifically, Tai chi takes into account and makes use of all of the different facets of the human being in a unified and harmonic way. To give an example, when you practice Tai chi movements you need to move your body, pay attention to your body, pay attention to the movements & carefully apply the Tai chi internal principles. The body movements strengthen both the physical body and the internal energy system and in the process one also develops confidence and a sharp and clear mind that is ready for action!

The creation of Taiji is credited to the legendary Daoist patriarch Zhang Sanfeng. Our teacher is Master Hao Zheng, and in direct line of transmission is a descendant of Hao Weizhen who is the founder of Wu Hao style Taijiquan. We adhere to an effective traditional learning method. Therefore, the program of classes provides not only forms as it is accepted in modern Taiji, but also style fundamentals: special trainings for internal strength development, steps and foot work, principles of push and strikes/blows.

8 Reasons Why You Should Learn Tai chi

Tai chi vs Qigong


Tai chi                                     Qigong

Focus on nurturing health and balance by developing ability to work with energy and refine sensitivity

Develop health & harmony using martial principles in body movement with more emphasis on structure

Both Activate the body & energy & clear & sharpen the mind

Our Promise to You: A-LIVE Lessons!

What a Live Online Lesson Looks Like



Join using your desktop, laptop, tablet or Phone

Luxury Home


Join from anywhere! Find a space that you want to learn from and suits YOU!

Practicing Tai Chi


Connect to classes by using the provided Skype link

Our Promise to You: A-LIVE Lessons!


We will closely guide you through your Journey every step of the way! Our focus is to ensure that every student achieves their desired results. This is why we Only teach LIVE - because the classes are ALIVE! Every lesson is unique and every student needs different advice and corrections. A-LIVE  Teaching Online offers many benefits that pre-recorded lessons cannot provide. We value each and every student and welcome them as part of our School and Community!

We Invite You to try our Classes for just one month and you will see the Benefits and Results! There are no lock-in periods and you can join month-to-month as you Wish!

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