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What is it that excites you most?

What is it that excites you most?

Have you noticed the immense energy that awakens when one is doing that which one truly enjoys? The way you are lifted up and propelled as if by a force when you achieve your most deeply personal goals?

It's true that one cannot always have the opportunity to do what one enjoys; to do what uplifts one effortlessly and gives one seemingly infinite energy and motivation. Life has ups and downs. But, there is one area in your life that you can always visit which will always fill you with a deep sense of satisfaction. Whilst we are running around the world searching for this feeling we forget that this feeling can only come from within, even if it is temporarily awakened by the attainment of material goods.

Even more so, we forget that this feeling is right under our noses and all it takes is to stop running in circles, slow down, become quiet, and find it inside.

We find it inside by reinvigorating the body. We find it by resting the mind of its chatter. We then have clarity and the mind is sharp. In this state you realise you don't need much else and the pursuit of the shiny objects in the horizon pale in comparison to the mighty luster within. Listen to yourself! What triggers this state in your life? Which moments, what activities, what topics have a deep effect not just on your mind but on your whole being? This is what it is to be "moved". It implies a profound effect that creates real, tangible effects in the world. Moved people can move mountains!

if you have not found many things that move you this way, then accessing your inner power, which is there at all times, by practicing Qigong, without a doubt will! This in itself can help you develop more sensitivity to know which direction in life to move in. What better way to know how to move? By being moved from the inside by your own inner strength!

This is the essence if "inner work" (neigong). We learn to do this during Qigong practice and it is widely applicable to other practices such as martial arts and all areas of life. To live like a Warrior means there is no time to waste. It means to find the best you have to offer within and bring it to the outside without holding back!

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