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The Pitfalls of Modern Technology

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

The very ingenuity that gives rise to technology is itself at risk of being lost by the hand of its own creations.

It is clear that technology is useful and makes our lives easier. It is also clear that technology has its own pitfalls and dangers. For example, one can step into a supermarket and have a multitude of choices as to what to eat. A lot of these products are created in factories using automated machines and chemically derived additives – some that alter foods to make them fit for processing and mass production or simply more palatable. It’s not necessarily the wisest choice to put these ‘foods’ into one’s body even if one’s taste buds are tingling with a wave of artificial pleasure.

If you have a lighter, should you ever consider learning to light a fire with the use of only the barest of tools (sticks)? One day the lighter’s fuel will run out, and lighters don’t grow on trees, but branches do and if one was to reach a point where it was an absolute must to light a fire without a lighter it would be down to one’s ability to first find that spark of illumination within themselves and work it out. At this point, we can be reminded of the real, basic reason behind the things we use in our lives to make things easier.

Coming to a War near You?!

How to use it? This is the important question. Be aware of the tool’s purpose, the result of using it, its limits and sharp edges, its potential drawbacks and when NOT to use it. Sometimes the correct action is the wrong one and the wrong action is the correct one. Sometimes a tool can be used for a purpose that it was not intended for. This is another aspect of ingenuity. The myriad of technological devices that flourish around us in our lives are useful but this usefulness comes at a price; he cost could be harm to one's health (eg. harmful effect on one's eyes looking at computer screens for too long) or losing the ability to do something because it is now being done for you (eg. reading maps).

Incorrect use of Technology can distract you and draw your attention away from your body, away from your health and your well-being. This is why Qigong practice in modern life is so important! Instead of drawing your attention away, Qigong brings your attention within and here and now!

This is how to keep the balance, approach the extremes with care and walk the middle Path, which is often not a straight line!

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