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What I Wish they had Told me in School...

Don't you wish they taught you this in school (or even mentioned it once)?!

--- There is another Way to function in the world that is not based on the accumulation and memorisation of data. The development of intellect is not all there is. You can also develop your subtle sensory abilities: The world of FEELING vs the world of THINKING ---

The intellectual mind is useful of course but a balanced human being needs to be in touch with all aspects of their potential. The trend in the modern world is turn our backs on the subtle world of energy and disconnect from nature. To tune in to energy you need to relax and tune out of your head, tune out of the constant chatter of thoughts buzzing around colliding with each other to the point that the usefulness of thinking is hindered by the thinking itself.

By the time we get to this point we run the risk of disconnecting more and more from the world of energy. The more this happens, the further we drift from it and we are trying to navigate life with an incomplete compass. Worst of all, we don't know it is incomplete but we may have a deep feeling in our gut that SOMETHING in our lives is missing.

Memorised information is useful because it allows for quick repetition of certain actions but it is also dead and stale. Feeling puts you in touch with the ever dynamic moment: The nature of the energy at any given moment is different from the last. This is because the moment is in MOTION. Energy is MOVING. This is a great opportunity to obtain new information.

To connect with energy we simply have to connect with the beautifully sophisticated antenna that is our body. This apparatus withers without use but it gleefully also comes back to life as soon as its given the attention it deserves. Once we connect with energy nothing is the same again and there is no going back. The body opens to the world and we feel a deeper sense of purpose in our lives.

Qigong can help you to re-connect. This is because Qigong teaches one to refine their senses and develop their sensitivity to the subtle world of energy.

I wish they told me this in School...don't you?!

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