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What is Technology Distracting you From?

For every technological device that makes your life 'easier' or adds a form to entertain yourself remember to ask; "What has been gained, and in place, what has been lost?". It's easy to see what has been "gained" but not so easy to see what has been "lost". In other words, how are the things you use in you life changing YOU, is it for the better, and what are you not aware of "losing" - is it worth it?

Modern Life tunes humans away from the subtle life-energy coursing through the body; The mind is active like a fire and it cannot settle enough to hear the whispers through the crackling of its flames as it sears through thoughts burning the very fuel of Life like an endless stash of coal.

If you could learn to tune into the whispers of the body, the whispers of Life, what would the whispers by trying to say?! When the volume is turned down in one thing, it increases the volume of something else. That 'something else' it truly amazing and has a LOT to say if you will take a moment to Listen!

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