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The Perfection of Tao

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Xuantunzi (pupil) asked: According to the tract: “There are as many people working to perfect themselves in Tao as hair of a cow, but those who complete Tao are as rare as unicorn's horns”, why is it so?

The Teacher of Single Yang said:

From ancient times the tracts often used a secret (special) language which led to that the people perfecting themselves in Tao were like in the thick fog and wandered in the dark. Some tractates overturned and distorted the sequence of the practice, concealed the beginning and described the end, hid the true secrets by hints, so the students could not achieve anything. Some of those perfecting Tao devote their lives to practicing, trying to understand the heaven mechanism of reaching Tao, but their attempts are like looking for a needle in the ocean and therefore they can’t find the gate to enter. Those who seek the immortality and longevity generation after generation replace each other and because they never understood the secrets of Tao they suffer a defeat.

From ancient times till now it has been always been so that the people seeking the acquisition and completion of Tao were finding  teachers with the great difficulty, or meeting them but incapable to recruit the students, or meeting deceivers, profanes, studying the side methods and failing to find the way to reach Tao. So in the modern society the qigong got wide spread, some qigong teachers absolutely do not understand the way of elixir, invent the theory for their own profit, invent some theory, randomly make up the complexes of movements and palm off this as the great Tao of golden elixir, mix up in one bunch the qigong and the way of the elixir, benefiting from exploiting the ideas of bazaar medicines pill of Chinese, fooling the students.Those who aspire to Tao must be extremely careful, beware of being deceived and regretting till the end of their lives.

Therefore, although there are lots of people seeking Tao with very few of those who found the true teacher, this is precisely the truth of that " there are as many people working to perfect themselves in Tao as hair of a cow, but those who complete Tao as few of unicorn’s horns ".

From the book of the Teacher of Single Yang Translated by Dmitry A. Artemyev (Founder of Daode Centre)

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