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The Faster you Run, the More you Might Miss...

The faster you run, the more blurry our surrounds will be.

Sure, you'll get to wherever you are going quicker but you might miss something critical along the way.

Modern life moves very fast. So fast that often the inner world is forgotten and our minds are led more and more by the spectacles of shiny lights and noise that pale in comparison when compared to the light and silence teeming with life you can find inside.

Zhan Zhuang ("Post Standing") practice is a perfect example of this process because in order to pratice Zhan Zhuang properly you need to:

1. Stop moving 2. Find the correct position to stand in, and hold the position 3. Eyes are closed (partially closed) 4. We do "inner work" for the whole duration of standing

Something quite amazing happens during Zhan Zhuang practice because we are able to slow down, calm the mind and move inside. When you move inside you start to see how Zhan Zhuang practice takes advantage of natural phenomena which leads to short and long-term benefits and changes by harmonising physiological functions in the body and mind. For this reason, there are endless things to learn from Zhan Zhuang practice! Your body is literally the link between the inside and the outside and everything else, and what you can learn from observing this is as endless as the space around you, above and beyond!

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