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The Biggest Challenge of Your Life

The Biggest Challenge of your Life...IS Your LIFE!

Every little challenge that you come across is not a challenge to overcome; it is a call to Master yourself. Don't get distracted; don't get discouraged!

When we practice Qigong we not only master movements. More importantly we learn to Master the Internal Principles of the movements! This is called "Inner Work". The external movements when backed by inner work have SUBSTANCE. Without the internal principles the exercises are just...body movements!

To Master your Life, Master Yourself. To Master Yourself, master the tools that you can use to look inside and find your inner strength and Power! It is waiting there like a precious gem just waiting to be discovered and adorn all the things you do.

Power is what moves things; In the physical world we harness different powers to construct buildings, enact change etc. But your internal Power is what Moves and Changes Lives! YOUR Life!

There is no Bigger challenge; There is no Bigger Adventure worthy of your Best Efforts than.....Your Life!

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