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Practical Daoism: Qigong

Qigong IS Practical Daoism!

Daoism is not about Peace; But if you practice you may become more peaceful. Daoism is not about being Compassionate; But if you practice you may become more compassionate. Daoism is not about Love; But if you practice there may be more love in your life.

Daoism gives the individual the tools to live a more harmonious Life. Instead of urging the flower to be more compassionate, just water the flower and stand back!

Qigong is the water infused with the traditional Life-changing Daoist principles based on the observations of Nature and Natural law/phenomena. The human being is a piece of this living, breathing mystery. You do not need to launch a spaceship to the farthest stars; all you need to do is close your eyes to see the darkest depths within!

For these reasons, Daoists are able to live harmonious lives. All of the creatures that are part of the "10,000 things" are subject to the movements, ebbs and flows and cycles of the world and universe. If you understand how you fit into the whole, you feel whole!

These micro and macro movements, with time, patience and careful study can be observed in the human body and thus becomes a powerful 'operational viewpoint' from which one can live their life.

But why would one bother to dedicate their time and efforts to such an endeavour? This is like asking why the many creatures scurrying about in the rock pools would ignore the tides and temperament of the vast ocean that looms over them. They would ignore this at their own peril - whether they realise it or not!

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