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What is Post Standing Qigong (Zhan Zhuang)?

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

A truly wonderful, life-changing exercise! If you have never tried Zhang Zhuang (Post standing) you are missing out on a gem!

In Qigong we have dynamic exercises and exercises that require stillness.

Post standing is an exercise that requires one to be still. It can be described as a form of “Standing Meditation”. Be warned though, post standing is a powerful exercise but at the same time quite challenging. This is why in our school we have a specific approach for teaching post standing and carefully guiding students through this wonderful exercise. The main difference with meditation is that one is standing up and this in itself creates some key effects for cultivating a strong, healthy body and calm mind.

First, we teach dynamic exercises. This teaches one how to relax and move different body parts using simple movements which activate different body systems. As a result, the student starts to get a good understanding of their body and how to activate and move Qi. The dynamic exercises in themselves are very effective and an essential component of Qigong practice.

Once a good foundation is built using the dynamic exercises the student is ready to learn of the wonders that post standing has to offer! It is difficult at first but with steady, regular practice, the power of post standing begins to reveal itself. Someone practicing post standing for a long time, who has learned it properly, will tell you that they cannot – NOT – do post standing! In fact, missing just one day of post standing is upsetting because post standing becomes such a pleasure to do and one understands just how important this exercise is for health, Qigong practice, martial arts and general understanding of energy work and one's inner state. Not only that, post standing, if done properly, offers life-changing results.

Dynamic Qigong exercises are effective, yes, but there are things that post-standing does that dynamic exercises cannot do. The greater the challenge, the greater the reward. If you want the results that post standing has to offer make sure you get the correct guidance. One must have a good foundation before starting practice. One needs to learn how to stand in the correct position, one needs the correct alignment and one needs regular correction and guidance in order to continue progressing.

Stand in the correct position, close our eyes and tun your attention inward. What happens next is truly amazing. Do you wish to take up the challenge?!

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