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Life moves Up and Down

Life fluctuates; life moves up and down. There are wins, there are fails. the weather can change at any moment; emotions can flare up, emotions can flood.

Despite all of this, there is one thing you can count on to stabilise the climate within and around you: Practice! This is the best thing one can do to stabilise their life. Because the other thing we can count on regardless of anything else, practice or no practice, is that things DE-stabilise. Things change.

As a storm rages around you, you can be the still point - but this requires effort on your part. Whatever effort this requires day to day is never - NOT - worth the stabilisation it gives back to you when you retire from the activity of each day!

Take advantage of this power that you have...the ability to implement daily practice. The alternative is to let the storms rage without any clean-up or recovery efforts. Over a long period of time, the damage becomes more and more obvious and harder to ignore. Qigong practice teaches one how to do daily "cleaning up". Not only is this cleaning up a precious skill to develop, the journey one goes through in doing this daily is a wonderful study of yourself and the events around you. It teaches you how things move around you, how this affects the movements inside you and what moves you should make next.

Qigong is a "movement art" because it teaches you how to live harmoniously through harmonious movement. What is movement? Movement is simply a change. Everything is moving, everything is changing. Movement doesn't just mean moving one's muscles! Yin-yang is a way of understanding how things in nature move. How they transform from one state to another. This includes body movement & mental and emotional movements.

As a movement art, Qigong reveals to one how to implement Yin-yang understanding in one's life. While everyone around you is trapped in the wind, in the storm, you can silently observe the patterns giving rise to the winds themselves. This is the real power to knowing how to move, the real power to harmonious living!

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