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Health is not just about NOT being ill

Look after your Health!

If a terminally ill person was offered a million dollars or their health I'm sure we know what they would choose. Don't let the shiny things around you pull you away from that which matters most. Your health is all you have; it is your Alive-ness and the foundation for your liveliness!

This alive-ness goes up and down all the time but for those who are lucky to have good health, it may not be so evident (until illness occurs) because the ups and downs occur above the threshold where ill health emerges.

This aliveness can be nurtured before it starts to diminish and if done at this stage it can make you realise and redefine your understanding of health and its role in your life.

You don't need a million dollars because you have your health and that is absolutely priceless! Think about it, right now you have something priceless and you can invest in it such that it grows and changes you as a person and how you see the world.

Health isn't just about not being ill. It's also about feeling good. Its about living well and it's also about living with purpose and enthusiasm. This is where it is evident that health and spirituality are closely related and are at different ends of the spectrum; an infinite spectrum that portrays every unique, beautiful being that is You!

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