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Forget the Meaning of Life, Remember How to Live

Oftentimes when we find ourselves looking for meaning and purpose in life it causes unrest and turmoil (or does the unrest and turmoil cause us to search for meaning?!). It's like a larger than life riddle that captivates you and yet no answer seems satisfactory enough to grasp it. Like trying to catch smoke it slips through your fingers dancing a provocative disappearing act in the air.

But sometimes we have beautiful moments or times when we stop asking the meaning of life altogether and life simply moves. The question simply disappears!

Maybe in these moments we don't exactly know the meaning of life, and yet if the question disappears it must be a sign that the answer lies in a place where the question simply is not there. If life has a meaning, maybe this meaning is found when you find the things you do which make you forget that life needs to have a meaning at all!

Qigong teaches you to calm your mind and get in touch with yourself. Your life-energy; that which drives your actions in the world. What better way to find meaning than to find a way to forget it and enjoy doing things which make you feel alive?! We calm the mind and relax the body through conscious movement. Your mind, energy and body synchronise and you enter a state of inner peace that leads to Energy.

In this state, you remember to live!

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