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Difficult Times

During difficult times it is even MORE important to have a personal practice that strengthens and stabilises you. Don't let difficulties give you an excuse or reason to NOT practice!

Qigong practice strengthens the body. It helps to prevent illness and keeps you in touch with your inner power so that you have clarity and make good decisions.

Don't lose touch with your inner power. This is the source from where the most harmonious actions come from. If your heart and mind are disturbed your will, WILL be scattered when you need it most.

Maintaining an inner state of calm and clarity is not about doing nothing and falling to the ground into a benign blob. It is about being able to to stay in touch with one's source of power. When one is deep in meditation you are practicing; you are finding the inner calm that is universally applicable to any moment in your life. Whether doing mundane activities or responding quickly to an urgent moment, the effect is the same.

Once you find it, with practice you become better and better at finding it. Once you find it, you cannot stop looking for it! It's like finding gold, and the only thing that stops you enjoying it, is the mental noise that tries to get in the way and scatter your attention. No one can take away this precious find, except yourself! And because of this, only you can give it back to yourself!

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