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Daogong: A Microcosm of Daoism!

What are the features of a complete system of knowledge that helps one to achieve practical life-changing results?

It is the ability to be able to apply it in one's everyday life and which doesn't require one to rely on belief; it is the reliance on an Open Invitation.

This invitation is that anyone can benefit from this knowledge as long as one is willing to truly try it, to truly investigate it, to truly explore it earnestly. This is not as easy as belief because this requires one to take Responsibility. This requires some effort, some work from the individual, some refinement of their skills. But what action is not the result of the quality of the efforts placed behind it? Can one expect to make a great leap across a precipice toward a better place if a lethargic hop is all one can muster? If you really, really want something you will find the Way to make it.

This is why we are called 'Daode Qigong'; because our Qigong system - Daogong ('Dao-Skill/Work') - is a microcosm of Daoism!

Our Qigong system (Daogong) comprises ancient practices which are based on ancient knowledge on the form and function of the human organism, how it relates with itself, how it relates to the world around it and its place in the scheme of things: The Macrocosm. The big and the small are connected and they reflect each other. How you relate with the things inside and outside, big and small; will shape your life.

What Power do you innately have within you? This is the same power that powers all other life-forms and what you do with it is in your hands.

Different life-forms express their lives differently and specialise in their own particular way of Being. Each human is also a specialist in their own way and thus we can ALL be the specialist of our own lives! The resource to do this is the same as all other creatures: Our energy; our Liveliness; Our Health and Well-being!

By understanding ourselves, our mind, our body, our being, we cultivate good health. With good health we cultivate well-being and we can be happy. With this happiness we can be enthusiastic about the things we do and the things we do are transformed by virtue of this enthusiasm. The mundane things we do are born from deep within us and are an expression of our own unique expertise of our Life! When we bring our own unique depth to the mundane, the mundane is magical in its simplicity!

This is Daogong: Dao-Work. We develop Dao-Skill by applying ourselves in applying the knowledge and finding out for ourselves it's usefulness and effectiveness. In refining this knowledge we are refining ourselves. In refining ourselves we strengthen the body's vitality and our health. We refine and sharpen the mind and give clarity to the Spirit.

This Way, we transform our lives and live empowered by knowledge backed by experience. This happens by the Actualisation of this knowledge as it flowers from the inside and radiates to the outside. When this happens it is no longer knowledge; it is Wisdom. Simple in its application and profound in its depth and ability to create real changes and effects in the real world because all of our actions are a result of our current inner-state.

A you Ready to make changes in your Life from within and also see this manifest in the outside world? We Invite you to take the challenge and uncover your Potential!

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