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What do you do with YOUR Yang?

Each day has it's ups and downs. Each year has it's ups and downs. There are ups and downs within the ups and downs. These cycles follow us through our entire lives and more specifically, ARE the very fluctuations of our life and life-energy.

Each day there is naturally a phase where we are most active (usually morning) and in the evening our state is moving towards rest so we are replenished for the next day. The peak of our energy is a precious event! Use it wisely and it will catapult you and move you forward like a perfectly aimed arrow at a target. Waste it and you may find yourself stuck in a muddy swamp and you need to use all of your energy just to pull yourself out.

Of course, it isn't always as simple. Sometimes everything is seemingly perfectly aligned and yet we find a sudden bend in the road. Or by luck, the wrong choice becomes the right one. The point is, that your peak energy is a special event. It is a powerful state where you have the opportunity of harnessing your peak performance. You need to align yourself with this state otherwise the energy can be wasted, used incorrectly or scattered. It is not only about quantity but also quality.

How can we refine the quantity and quality of our energy? By practicing Qigong! There are Qigong exercises designed to move energy and there are exercises designed to accumulate energy. With this skill, you can reach heights you never thought you could and achieve your goals and dreams!

It's easy to dream, but to manifest dreams into reality we need energy! The energy that sustains our will and carries our bodies forward with decisive action aligned towards a goal. This requires a lot of energy. Like a rocket being lunched to space, we each need to overcome the gravity of our restrictions and learn to fly!

Remember: Use your energy wisely. Watch for the peak - the prime moment to get things done.

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