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The Silent Language of Life

It may take 100 years for a tree to grow into a giant, but in one second it can be struck down by Thunder.

Human thunder is slower, yet more dangerous. It cuts methodically at calculated angles, slicing nature mechanically into sections then conveniently shredding it into mulch made available on tap whenever one wants a swig of it from under the roof of their personally manufactured bubble. This is called "progress" or "advancing".

Whereas the thunder bolt was only a brief manifestation of energies coming to a peak in a striking display and then re-balancing, human "progress" is relentless and eats away at the edges bit by bit without replenishing the Core.

What happens on the outside is a reflection of the inside: how is the movement of modern life affecting your inner landscape? More than ever, the tools for replenishing and re-balancing one's self are crucial in maintaining health and maintaining a perspective on natural processes by looking inside and seeing them reflected on the outside.

The nature inside you wants to be nurtured as much as the tree wants to grow; it blooms with radiance when it is listened to, but how do you listen to something that is silent? Can the tree protest the chainsaw blades edging toward it as it drowns out even the morning calls of birds?

We listen with receptivity. This receptivity is the sensitivity we develop with dedicated Qigong practice. Connect with the silent language of nature and avoid bull-dozing your way through Life! It is true we can only move in a certain direction at once. Move left at the expense of moving right, move up at the expense of moving down; this is ok as long as we are aware of what we may be missing out on in the direction we are moving. Sometimes, we may not know there is something there at all.

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By: Luis De Florio

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