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The Nature of 'Nature'

Why do we post so many pictures of nature on our page?

Because there is No Nature!!!

How can we really label something as 'nature' or 'not nature'?

Even computers are 'nature'. They are constructed from the raw materials of the earth and function according to the physical laws of nature.

In more practical terms, we can say that 'nature' is anything occurring 'naturally'. Something that occurs naturally can be said to be something not manipulated by human hands. Something unnatural is something so comprehensively bent in an 'unnatural' direction such that it is rendered unrecognisable as being a part of the natural world and has exited the natural growth and decay cycle.

This product of "technological transmutation" is now so deranged from its original form that it has nothing left to offer to the earth. Instead of growing, flourishing and feeding life through its decay it remains in-tact for lifetimes isolated from the life surrounding it by it's own artificial longevity.

Qigong practice teaches one how to connect with the natural world. A computer is a part of nature in essential terms but no Qigong teacher will tell you to absorb the qi emanated by a computer or any other electrical device.

A Qigong teacher will tell you: get away from the computer and get out amongst the trees! Listen to the birds! Feel the ground beneath your feet!

By connecting with nature we remember the beautiful simplicity of what it is to be alive.

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