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The Little Flower

There is a little flower, growing through a crack in the concrete. It's not reaching for the sky; it simply wants to bathe in the rays of light occasionally streaming through the spaces between the towering legs above that swing to and fro like a mass of wayward guillotine blades.

This little flower is your subtle-sensitivity. Modern life has many advantages but if you are not careful it will crush what can only be heard in silence and stillness if you rush along the concrete path that was poured atop the grass which although has solidified with perfectly angled edges, sometimes what lies beneath whispers through the cracks.

The whispers are sometimes heard and sometimes not. Eventually this little flower may be stepped on and crushed and the opportunity to see it again clearly may not arise. You may see the wilted petals but forget the flower. This subtle language of life is Qi (life-energy). It is a language because its movements can be felt and its activities can give one great feedback and insight of the inner workings of the body and outer workings of natural phenomena. It is a resource because it activates, animates and energises all living things. It is a Way of Life because being attuned to it shapes the - Way - you live your Life and the Way you perceive the World.

If you are lost purely in the outer forms you have lost sight of your internal compass. Sometimes rushing toward the horizon along the perfectly laid path is a convenient misfortune in disguise. Sometimes life has a way of giving you a not-so-convenient reminder of this and you may trip and fall grazing your knee and you may find yourself face-to-face with a little flower delivered to you by a blessing in disguise. Life's compass doesn't always point North, it may invert itself and point to your Heart.

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