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The 'big you' and the 'small you'

Something whats to be born inside you....

Because this being wants to be born into the world!

What is it exactly? It is YOU!

Not the 'you' that feels at odds with the world....not the 'small you'.

The 'BIG' you!

The being that feels a sense of connected-ness within and without

The being inside that feels the life inside joining the life outside and flows with life in a playful dance!

Unfortunately, what often stops this elusive creature from emerging is built into the structure of the society we live in.

It's like the shy antenna of a snail that is slowly unraveling itself but it keeps getting knocked back into itself. if this creature ever gets the chance of fully emerging so that it builds its confidence beyond getting knocked back....WATCH OUT WORLD!

This process is a delicate one because the creature is vulnerable before it fully develops. And this process of contraction starts when we are children. If this being is contracted enough it will need help to re-emerge. It will need careful nurturing.

This nurturing comes in the form of Qigong practice. Reclaim your power! Learn how to let the energy flow and parts of you hidden inside can re-join the rest of your being.

Something wants to be born. This is your potential. The world is keen to see it because it is unlike any other! You just have to be willing.

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