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Star Wars: Self-Cultivation

What is interesting about the Jedi, their powers and the nature of them when relating them to Daoism?

Sure, the Jedi are powerful but they also have a certain vulnerability about them. This is related to the fact that their power (as compared with other super heroes in popular culture) is not unlimited and most importantly, as implied in general in the movies, their powers require careful training, nurturing and cultivation.

This is more aligned with reality because it implies that the Jedi are using a certain currency that they have to wisely manage. There is a kind of respect for the 'force' and the powers it bestows whereas other heroes seem to have superpowers unlimited at their disposal which they obtained without any kind of cultivation or effort.

Of course, as per Star Wars lore, each Jedi does have something 'special' within them which allows them to make use of the 'force' but this is one part of the equation. The other is self-cultivation which is a major feature of Daoism.

Unlike Star Wars, we all have that something 'special' within us waiting to be born, and this is the actualisation of one's true unique inner potential that is ready to be unleashed into the world. Daoists do this through self-cultivation methods such as Internal Alchemy and Qigong. It's just as exciting as Star Wars but without the light sabers; nothing could be more fascinating than seeing one's self unfold in all its beauty and the harmony that this can offer the world!

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