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Sensitive Souls: Your Sensitivity is NOT a Burden!

You DON’T need to be a victim of your own sensitivity!

The emotions, feelings and sensations assault the senses like waves crashing against the rocks almost as if trying to crack them and engulf the land. Naturally, this bombardment results in CONTRACTION. There is a closing off, one turns their backs on the sea. All beaches are closed.

Your sensitivity is NOT a burden… is where you Power resides!

How can we harness and develop our natural abilities without being overwhelmed by them?


Why and How?

Qigong – ‘Energy Work’ teaches one how to work with the energies within and around them. Not only that, the most important aspect of Qigong – Energy Work – is that it teaches one how to MANAGE your Internal Resources. According to Qigong and Daoist Methodology, before one should work on developing sensitivity and extra sensory abilities, one should first and foremost BUILD UP their strength and Personal POWER. How is this done? For example, when studying Qigong one can:

- Learn how to relax the body and mind - Repair/unblock the meridians or channels so Qi flows freely - Increase energy levels: Filling up the channels with positive Qi - Strengthen the organs

Considering the above, it makes perfect sense to first strengthen the very structures which are at the foundation of one’s Health, Personal Power and ability to handle, perceive and be in Harmony with the Energies guiding the Rhythms of one’s Life.

The Ocean does NOT want to consume you! It wants you to play with it! The peaks and dips of every ripple invite you to dive inside. If you know how to swim, if you know how to surf, how to enter at the right moment and be lifted by the Waves and then float on your back, sun shining on your face; the Ocean is your friend. It will help you if you know how to speak its language. The Dynamic Language that rises, falls, transforms, creates and goes back to the source. The Language of Energy.

This is the Daoist Way. Practice Qigong. Build yourself from the Ground Up and your body will thank you. You will Stand Strong in the face of Life’s Challenges!

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