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Qi is the Currency of Life

Qi/Energy is the currency of Life. It governs all life activities. How are YOU spending the gift of life? In one sense it's a gift because of its mysterious origins. In one sense its a currency because every moment you can choose how to spend it. What actions and behaviours are YOU investing in? Invest in yourself!

A cell knows how to open itself to the outside world and how to let go of the things that burden it. This principle is the same and the same natural laws span across the different scales of magnitude of life all the way to the immensity around us.

When we turn our attention inward we shine our light to the immensity that is you. It comes to life like a starry sky teeming with life and the things we do are illuminated with the touch of the inner brilliance that we nurture.

Daoists are keen observers of Natural Laws; The rise and fall and transformations from one state to another and that which connects all things yet differentiates them from one another. Knowing this, Daoists live according to Natural Laws and cultivate themselves to live according to the unity of the immensity around them and yet fulfilling the infinite potential inside them. In seeing one's place in the grand scheme of things, one can clearly know what to do and what not to do.

To live well according to natural laws, learn how to live according to the ebb and flow; highs and lows and movements of Qi/Energy. This is what connects the big and the small. In learning how to live according to these laws, all things fall into place. This way, the human is not a separate chunk floating in the ocean, like a piece of flesh left over from a deep-sea feeding frenzy but rather the human can join the rest of the world more like a conduit; a channel connected to rest of everything yet unique in itself allowing for the currency or Life - Qi - to move through it.

How are YOU spending your Life? Invest in yourself and everyone around you will also benefit.

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