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It should feel Good to move your Body

If your body is tense; stiff, how can you enjoy doing things? If your heart has hardened; like a rock, how can you enjoy being alive?

It should feel good to move your body. How can the body become a burden to itself, to its own movements?! How can your heart limit its own beats, that are the very pulsations of life?! Should a wheel impede its own rotations?!

If this has happened, it's never too late! You can learn to move in a way as to breathe new Life deep inside.

You can learn how to rest your heart and let it be at peace; This is something you can really learn! What a situation! To have to learn what is supposed to be natural!

The harder you've become, and the more you've moved away from this natural softness; This precious vitality, The more you need to learn how to return to it!

Is there anywhere to go but inside? Chase it on the outside, and you'll cover far less distance Than if you stand still.

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