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It's Easy to go to the Extremes...

How easy is it to over eat and feel stuffed to the brim and not be able to walk or function afterwards?

How easy is it to angrily yell at someone without first considering their side of the story and after speaking with them realising you rushed ahead with assumptions?

How easy is it to slice your finger while cutting food if you don't pay attention to what your'e doing?

It's easy to go to the extreme. But this "easiness" is paid back to you with equal or even greater hardship after the deed is done or even at a later time.

It takes great care and skill to carefully walk on the tightrope with the perfect balance to maintain equilibrium. It takes great skill to find the correct balance between extremes! This is why Daoism is also called the "Middle Way".

The "Middle" is first found within yourself; by cultivating your inner state. Then, everything else falls into place.

Our students cultivate this balance in themselves by learning our Qigong system: Daogong - "Dao Skill"!

Humans are multi-dimensional beings. We have many layers to ourselves. Developing Dao Skill is about nurturing all of these aspects and learning how to use them so that your life becomes more harmonious. If you become more harmonious on the inside, naturally things around will also change.

This is the Dao Skill Way!

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