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Inner Jewels

When you practice Qigong it's like your body has Won the Lottery!

All of this extra energy is fed to the body so it can heal and repair itself, so you can recover from each day, and so you can empower your actions, do things well and feed your goals!

But this lottery win is not made of is made of the body's currency that it uses to live, breathe and to Thrive!

Would you give anyone on the street a million dollars, a billion dollars...and trust them to spend it wisely? There is one thing you CAN trust though, and that is the innate wisdom of your body. Nurture the body by giving it back some energy; by giving yourself time to slow down and recover. The body will ALWAYS use this energy wisely.

But, it is not always as simple as this. If you increase your energy levels such that you are in surplus and health is stable, how will YOU spend this energy? Would you allow yourself to be pulled to and fro such that you spend yourself to the point of exhaustion and see your health and liveliness decline once again?

When we practice Qigong we are not just harmosising the body, we are also harmonising the mind. In harmonising the body and the mind we also harmonise behaviour. You may find that there are things that you just don't seek out anymore or simply do not interest you. You may notice that your relationships with people improve. You may notice that your quality of work and motivation improves. You may notice that your connection with your body changes and you deeply honour the life inside you and how you use it.

Qigong is the Way to learn how to handle the currency of life, it can only bring you closer to it, and the closer you get to it the more comfortable you are in yourself. As Laozi said in chapter 70 of the Daodejing:

"Therefore the sage wears rough clothing and holds the jewel in his heart." (Gia-fu Feng & Jane English translation)

Find the jewels inside and the jewels outside that once captivated your eyes, will dull in comparison! You can still enjoy the jewels outside though!

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