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Humans are Multilayered

Humans are multilayered beings. What drives our actions is not always simple and if you wish to look into the layers of others first uncover the ones within yourself.

You may find that you become less critical of others and more understanding. This doesn't mean that you are more permissive of foul behaviour, but rather you can smell it for what it is. You may also find that you are not as pretty on the inside as you would have hoped.

There is beauty, there is pain, there is weakness, there is great power hidden inside. This power can be carefully coaxed out of hiding, it can be harnessed to look at the ugliness you have found inside. Then, things become more simple. More genuine.

Is complexity good? Yes, if it is working together as a whole instead of each layer acting as individual compartments, fragmented by their own agendas and separated for the sake of complexity itself. Every time a layer is added under the cover of darkness, the power within is sealed more firmly. The freedom to move in ways other than how the layers direct motion is limited more and more.

Qigong is the perfect tool to discover your power. This vital source is waiting for you to unwind, reach inside and upon having a taste not want to stray away from it again.

Onions have many layers. Sometimes when you start to peel them they can make your eyes water.....

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