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How Emotions affect Qi

"When one is in a Joyous mood, the energy (Qi) will be harmonious and both Ying energies (Ying Qi is Qi closely associated with blood and Wei Qi is the body's protective Qi) and Wei energies will be unobstructed. So it is called 'relaxation of energy'.

When one is sorrow-stricken greatly, his heart and its tissues connecting the viscera will become strained, the lobes of the lung will swell up, the upper and middle warmer (channel) will be obstructed, and the heat inside will remain retained. So, it is called the 'dissipation of energy'.

When one is in terror, the refined energy will be declined, and the decline of the energy below will cause obstruction of the upper warmer, it will return to the lower warmer, and the energy stagnation will cause fullness and distention of the lower warmer. It is called the 'instability and descent of the energy'.

The cold-evil (cold Qi from the environment harming the body) causes the channels and collaterals to become rough, and the circulation of the Ying and Wei energies to become obstructed. So it is called the 'collection of energy'.

When one is in excessive terror, the beat of the heart will cause one to feel like they are helpless, it seems that one's spirit and mind have nowhere to rest, and his misgiving has nowhere to stop. So it is called the 'confusing of energy'.

When one is fatigued with excessive labour, he will have rapid respiration and sweat, consumption will occur in both the interior and exterior. So it is called the 'consumption of energy'.

When one is in excessive anxiety, his heart will be injured and his spirit will become dull, the energy will be stagnated and will fail to circulate. So it is called the 'stagnation of energy'."

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 39 of the Huang Di Nei Jing:

Yellow Emperor's Canon of Internal Medicine translated by Wu Liansheng & Wu Qi


The above quote is a very good example of the multi-faceted nature of the human, the inter-connected-ness of the body and mind and how different moods or emotional states impact on the Qi (energy) and the load or strain it places on the body organs and structures.

Life is dynamic and is changing every moment. With a change in the environment, a change in one's mood, a change in one's internal environment also comes a change in how one's Qi or energy is behaving. These changes can greatly impact one's health and how one is functioning at any time.

For this reason it is important to keep yourself healthy and strong! This way, you, your body, your energy, your whole being will be prepared to adapt to and recover from whatever life throws at you!

Can you think of any situations in your life when you were dealing with strong emotions and you noticed accompanying physical effects and disruption to your normal activities?

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