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Animals are Closer to Death

Animals are closer to Death. Their actions are grounded on the earth where creatures battle, rise and fall. Their moment-to-moment decisions are as close as they can be to life's tight rope. This is why they are closer to Life.

Humans can forget this because many of their actions are removed from this vitality due to modern living. We can forget the basics of life and why we do things. Life can become a loop of doing stuff in order to accumulate things. Those things satisfy us because of their novelty but soon after we get bored and we need more. The objects we use to enhance our life can only satisfy us up to a point and then another dimension of our multi-faceted nature needs to be fed. All the while, the junk that once was treasure accumulates, tucked away out of sight and out of mind but not without harm.

This is why sometimes we need to do 'crazy' things such as bungee jumping or sky diving. These activities allow us to regrow our claws and see through the eyes of the tiger even if for a moment. Death becomes apparent, Life shines bright above all. Action is directly linked to the lifeblood of the moment. This is only an instant and yet it stretches infinitely in all directions and once it ceases it hasn't ceased because it now carries one forward whispering its wisdom to us behind the scenes.

This is the wisdom learned from Qigong. You can learn how to directly talk to life. The whispers are clearer and you know how to listen. Trees cannot talk, but they can speak. The breeze has a purpose, stillness has movement. This is the language of Qi: Life to talking to life.

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