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Timeless Teachings Solving the age-old problems of Living, bringing Energy, Health, Well-being and Enjoyment of Life directly to YOU via Live Online Classes!

See Our Student Testimonials: REAL people and REAL Results!



"I have been practicing for over a month now and even though it has not been a long time I feel there are many unique things about

this course and this system."

Andrew Neumann


Top 8 Reasons to Join Classes


Effective & Life-changing


Our Teachings are designed to overcome the challenges of modern life that directly impact health and well-being. Learn how to relieve stress, improve your health and increase your quality of Life!


Proven Method

We have been teaching 'A-LIVE' (Live Online) for several years and based on the results, Live Online classes are just as effective as face-to-face lessons! This is because each lesson is unique...they are Alive!



Our teachings are not available anywhere else and are Genuinely Daoist and Traditionally transmitted directly from the Ancient Daoist WuLiupai and Yuxianpai Schools 


Save Time

Live Online classes via Skype mean that you can practice from the comfort of home or anywhere that you want without any travel time!



All experience levels welcome. We ensure an easy to follow structure during classes which also helps each student establish effective individual practice between classes 


Individual Approach

Get detailed corrections in every class and ongoing guidance and advice so that you can achieve your goals, progress with your practice and avoid mistakes that can set you back for years!


Community & Support

Become part of supportive community of Qigong practitioners & Daoism enthusiasts from around the world


Qualified Instructors

Our instructors attend regular intensive instructor training. Our Instructors are all private disciples of the Ancient Daoist Schools - WuLiupai & Yuxianpai