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When Tigers Play, their Blades are Sheathed

When tigers play, their blades are sheathed. Once you learn how to hold your sword, how will you use it?

Your life is like a sword. When it rests sheathed in its scabbard does it get in the way? Can you comfortably walk as it dangles and swings by your side? There are those who awkwardly move about as if the sword resting at the ready by their side begging to be mastered, begging to be swung, begging for sword-play, is something which has been glued to their body rather than something which was carefully crafted for one to wear. If one cannot be at ease when the sword is at rest, how can one use it when the situation is a call to arms?

Your life is like a sword; unsheathe it carefully. You remembered what it was like when once you played with plastic swords the moment you held a real sword in your hands! The sharp edges cut both ways with the haunting slicing sounds that part the air like thunder. You have this power if you dare to live; if you dare to wake it from its hiding place. The sword is as scary in its power to change your own life as it is in its ability to affect others.

Learn to swing it, but most importantly, learn to rest it; learn to put it back into its sheath. And when it is resting, you should also learn how to rest.

Remember that when Tigers play, their blades are sheathed.The pointy bits rest just below the surface and yet the Tigers are fully relaxed and care-free in their play. Their softness holds great power and because of this, they are alive. And they are ready.

Once you learn how to hold your sword how will you use it?

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