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What is Tension?

Imagine a living creature whose body has become so tense and locked up that its own movements work against itself?! This creature would not be alive for very long because it would not be able to move quick enough to either hunt for food or get away from danger. Tension also increases the pressure and friction on joints and thus accelerates wear and tear.

Lucky for us humans, we can be inflexible and still make a living quite effectively but there are other things going on under the surface. Maybe a human does not need to be able to touch its toes, place his or her arm behind it's back so that the hand rests between the shoulder blades or squat down to the ground into a full squat position, but tension doesn't just affect the movement of the muscles and tissues. Tension blocks the flow of Qi and affects blood flow, the functions of the organs and behaviour and mental state. Tension also creates pain and pain is the body's natural way of saying that something is wrong.

Qigong is the OPPOSITE of tension - actually, with good Qigong practice, the individual can learn how to release their body tensions & increase the efficiency of their energy system (energy channels).

This process of un-knotting the body is quite fascinating and requires steady & consistent dedication, patience and time (but it is well - well - worth the effort). There are tensions in the body which are on the surface and once these are worked out, the Qigong practitioner needs to move deeper, into the deep tensions held in the body. Some very interesting things start happening once these tensions start to be released!!!

The energy 'wants' to flow and express itself: One's full potential is ready to burst open into the world if one allows the blocks to dissipate!

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