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The Story of the man and the rope

There is a man who has a rope, and he relies on this rope to complete important daily tasks. For some strange reason though, this man has some strange habits in the way that he uses the rope.

He grabs the rope, uses it and then when is done he drops the rope on the spot where he used it and doesn't bother winding it up neatly and storing it to be used again the next day.

Then, the next day again, he uses the rope and then once he has finished he just drops it on the ground and walks away.

This same pattern repeats itself over and over until the man's frustration starts to mount as the rope's usefulness diminishes more and more from being knotted and tangled. He becomes so angry that he starts blaming the rope for it's lack of functionality and then finally one day he throws the rope on the ground violently and realises that the rope cannot be used anymore. So what does he do? He turns around, goes to the shop and buys a new one. Problem solved.

Unfortunately, many people treat their bodies this way and it's not so easy to go out and simply buy a new body part (or new body). But what can we do? We can un-knot the rope carefully on a daily basis, wrap it neatly and store it away safely until it is put to work again.

Qigong is the ultimate investment for long-term health and prevention of Dis - Ease. Qigong allows one to release the tensions of daily activity and even the deep and stubborn ones that have built up over several years that can have serious effects on health and well-being. How often do YOU un-knot yourself???

Do you know how to un-knot? It's easier said than done.

Not only does Qigong teach you how to un-knot, it teaches you how to tie various new types of useful knots that undo themselves as easily as they are made!

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