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The Healing State

All living creatures know how to heal themselves - or rather, they know how to 'activate' the living organism's inherent healing capabilities.

The human being is also able to do this and with our School's Qigong system one is able to learn how to harness this powerful, natural healing state.

What is healing? It doesn't mean that the 'healing state' is only required when one is injured or sick. Look at sleep for example: This is an example of the body's natural mechanism to slow down, shut off and repair itself. Healing, referred to in the more general everyday sense means recovery from everyday events and activities. Everyone knows how it feels when one is tired and overworked etc.

Animals know how to naturally regulate their state

It is a powerful tool to have, when you know how to efficiently recover from daily activities and stresses with the use of the body's natural healing capabilities. This results in greater general health, higher energy levels and increased happiness and productivity.

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