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Solitude VS Loneliness

Solitude is a state of being alone. When we are lonely we are also alone; there is also solitude but this state is not appreciated for what it is. When we are alone it is not so easy to become distracted from the things that we may be trying to hide or run away from.

Being around others is good because it allows us to exchange energy and regulate or balance ourselves. We can gain new perspectives or advice. But, if being around others is a way of running away from solitude, you can never know the power of alone-ness!

You can even be lonely when surrounded by people. This means that you are not even enjoying the company of the people around you so you either need to find other friends or go into yourself to figure out why you are not finding or connecting with the right people for you. Or even what is stopping you from being able to connect with others.

One needs to learn how to tap into their own personal power, how to develop their own potential. How to let their uniqueness shine. How can one be lonely if they are tuned in with their inner vitality such that it shines through and bathes everything one does with its glow? How can you not naturally attract the right people into your life if you are glowing with your own inner power?

Sometimes people will like you, sometimes they will not. If you are tuned into yourself you will not fret if someone doesn’t like you! You just let them be on their merry way knowing that you know yourself. There is a time to be alone and there is a time to be among others.

When we take time to be alone we can look inside, really look inside. During Qigong practice we have the opportunity to reconnect with our own energy and remove and negative influences from the outside whether is from negative people or situations etc. It is a process of purification. Once we open our eyes after Qigong practice we are renewed. We are ready to interact with the world again because we have replenished our vitality and tuned in with our energy.

This is the power of solitude. There is no loneliness there – just pure joy because no Matter how loud the noise outside is, you can ALWAYS hear your inner voice.

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