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Repetition Leads to Results

Taiji (Tai chi) is practiced slow. It is also practiced using relaxed movements. Somehow this results in good health and a strong body! This is not initially clear but with practice and with time, one can start to feel the remarkable changes happening inside the body.

Taiji practice is like following a recipe; You need to carefully gather the ingredients (the internal and external principles) and follow the recipe; follow the steps with repetition. Not only through repetition, but through careful, correct repetition of the formula we can obtain and enjoy the results!

The results are not all explained to each Taiji student. This is part of the beauty and fun of Taiji practice. The student is given the recipe; the formula, but the amazing things that are born from that is something the student must nurture and discover for him/herself. Naturally, the results obtained are equal to the efforts one puts into working out the Taiji principles through practice and as a result not only is the practitioner working out the principles, they are also "working out" themselves. It's like looking into a mirror and noticing something different every time.

Practice is repetition and can only happen through repetition. Repetition only counts as repetition if it is careful, precise repetition. If the water stopped repeating its flow down the side of a cliff, the waterfall would cease. If the bird stopped flapping its wings in mid-flight it would fall the ground. If the heart didn't repeat its beat, the expansion and contraction of breathing would also cease.

Repeat to get results. Also be aware of what actions you are repeating over and over in your daily life; This will shape your Life and your Destiny!

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