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Relaxation - What it really is

Qigong exercises can be simple or complex. Some involve very simple repeating movements whilst some require a set of connected and more complicated movements. either way, the effect on the internal energy system can be quite powerful and profound.

In order to have success in Qigong practice and progress, one must carefully study the key to success that is the foundation of energy work: Relaxation.

Magic is right before your eyes. Always.

'Relaxation' sounds simple enough but actually the type of relaxation that we are referring to in this post is not given due justice by using the word 'relaxation'. In fact, we propose that a new word even needs to be invented to fully cover the scope of what it fully means (within the context of Qigong).

Something 'magical' happens when one relaxes properly because learning the Qigong movements is only one part of the equation - the other part is to facilitate the energy movements that occur due to certain body movements (as per Qigong exercises) by deepening the 'relaxation' of the body. Without this, only limited results can be observed and Qigong cannot be used to its full potential. Joining a School and learning formally can greatly accelerate this process!

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