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Movement within Stillness, Stillness Within Movement

"Movement within stillness Stillness within movement"

Post standing is the central exercise of our Qigong system - Daogong. The practitioner stands without movement, partially closes their eyes and begins a process of deep relaxation. Post standing offers some very interesting results and for this reason it usually becomes the favourite exercise of most students.

Movement within stillness: There is a whole world teeming with life to be discovered when one becomes still.

Stillness within movement: Within this vitality there is also a great calmness grounding it all.

You can discover this for yourself and come to understand that standing still has both movement and stillness delightfully wrapped in a protective cocoon reserved only for you where you give yourself the time to settle, recover and reset from busy day to day activities.

When to move? When to be still? It's an art in itself how to apply these valuable lessons in everyday life. Join us in our Live Online Lessons and learn how you can learn this too!

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