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Life doesn't come with an instruction manual

Life itself is about as complex a thing as things can get and yet there is no manual for it. But, luckily we do have at our disposal our senses and our ability to take in information, process it and decide for ourselves what to do with it. This is both the challenge and beauty of living.

Sometimes we need help though and in this case it's OK to seek out other people's instruction manuals. Although we are not handed a manual at birth, all of us do begin to write our own manuals that we hold close to our hearts. A friend may ask to take a peek so you can share some wisdom and a friend may also help to fill in the pages that are blank.

As we move through life the pages of our manuals change. Whole chapters might be edited or even ripped out. Some pages may remain untouched for several years - for better or worse.

Like a foot imprinting its shape into the sand, our experiences inscribe sentences and paragraphs into our story. It is not so much a manual, it is more a sketch book.

A sketch book where chaotic lines and shapes may be drawn and when we take a step back to look at the angular manifestations from afar we can see that preserved within some of the scribbles there are works of art! The type of gems that when found encased by jagged rocks are extracted and hung up on a wall to adorn a room. This is what your senses can help you find: You just need to be vigilant because the light may shine off a gem's facet for only a moment. Then it is lost again in the jungle.

You can cleanse your energy channels by practicing Qigong. Clean channels means clearer senses. Clearer senses means clearer information is passing though them.

This helps you in your journey through life, it helps you find those gems hidden in plain sight. In those moments when we get a glimpse of those gems they project their light into us like a beam that fills every cavity of our being. And then, the gems within us reflect their light back. These are the moments that remind us life is a wonderful journey and keep us attentive, keen to see what lies ahead.

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