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How to Sleep like a Kitten

When you wake up from sleep, do you feel that you are still asleep? Is it a difficult task to get out of bed?

What a great thing it would be to SPRING out of of bed upon opening one's eyes?!

Difficulty waking up can mean a few things:

1. Not enough sleep 2. Bad quality of sleep

It might not be so easy fitting in more hours of sleep but with good Qigong practice you can boost the quality of your sleep and then, if the quality of sleep becomes efficient enough, you can even need LESS sleep and still function well!

What is the mechanism behind this?

RELAXATION! Qigong teaches you how to relax and let go of tension. This means that in general you are more relaxed and get stressed less. This means that the channels are in better condition and the Qi is moving more freely. This means that when you lie in bed and are ready to sleep, your sleep will be deeper and more efficient.

We often neglect our sleep but the best way to nurture our sleep is to nurture our waking state (by doing Qigong) because the quality of your sleep is a result of the quality of your waking state (and vice versa).

When you nurture your Qi, you will nurture yourself when awake and asleep. This way, the waking state and sleep state work together such that we wake up feeling refreshed and keen to do the things we do each and achieve our goals, and then when we go to bed we fall asleep easily and the sleep is deep and restful.

Waking and sleeping are not two separate things! They are both part of a continuum that we can maximise each day-cycle. When the two are working together our lives are enhanced and waking is not a dreadful event; a dreary task that breaks us away from our beds. Rather, waking up is an exciting gateway to enjoying each day!

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