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Goldilocks was Daoist: Why do we do anything at all?!

We can borrow here a Scientific term: Homeostasis (Homeo - Stasis). It is derived from the Greek Words "Same and Steady". It is used to describe the living processes in an organism to sustain life; a 'steady state'.

Without this state there would only be Chaos! We know that the Earth is just in the right place relative (Sounds Daoist right?) to the sun because if it was further way it would be too cold. If it was closer it would be too hot.The Earth is nestled somewhere in the middle, where it is just right. It doesn't scorch, and it doesn't freeze. (Note: Daoism can be referred to as the 'Middle-Path'.)

Why do we choose to watch a movie? Why do we visit an amusement park? Why do we choose to sit over here instead of over there? How to do we know when it is time to get up, time to sit down?

All the time, at all times there is a fine balance at play within and around us and our behaviours are influenced and guided by the need to regulate these dynamic forces. Bored? has your Qi become stagnant? Find something that brings excitement into your life. Feeling exhausted but you choose to push harder and harder further and further? Without a doubt, if you don't choose to slow down, your body will do it for you in the form of illness or an accident caused by a lapse of concentration due to a fatigued brain.

This balance does not choose sides, it is simply there. You can choose to get to know it better or your life can seem like it is caught struggling to float on the surface caught in the trough between the raging crests of capricious waves.

Qigong is the ultimate life-hack. Need more excitement in your life? There is a Qigong exercise for it. Need to slow down and recover? There is also a Qigong method for it. Qigong allows one to not even have to leave the house in order to correct one's inner state. It is done from the inside. It is direct access to the inner fundamental vital-processes guiding life's fluctuations and behaviours. Of course, like anything worth giving one's all it requires, time, attention and WORK (hence the name Qi-Gong: 'Energy-Work). It is well worth the effort.

Goldilocks may have been a Daoist Master. She knew that everything is guided by these rhythms. We can choose to find the Middle Path: the one that when we walk along it is just right. Not too cold. Not too hot. Don't let the Golden Curls fool and petite stature fool you!

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