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How to connect with Energy/ Qi? You have to learn the language of the body.

How to do this? Connect with the feeling of your hands, your feet as they touch the ground; the pressure exerted on them as you shift your body weight. Feel the heat...feel the cold.....feel the transition between extremes. Feel the emotions rise and fall, feel other peo

ple's presence.

Notice your internal state - notice how you move, understand

- Movement Itself -

This is connecting with the basic units of 'life activity' that comprise all things happening as the '10,000 things' continue their daily cycles.

This is one way to describe Qigong - 'Energy Work'. Speak the language of movement, be simple. This leads to great presence and power in your actions - there's no need for intellectualisation and over-complication of life. Life is simple. Life is Movement.

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