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A Brutal Heart

Nature is as Benevolent as it is Brutal; And when your heart is as brutal as a wild Mother Who has had to abandon her sickly newborn Or kill a newborn to feed her newborn Without a second thought, Your heart can be benevolent.

However harsh, Nature's Brutality is not Cruel; It is honest as a Heart open to the world, As open as Eagle eyes staring at a rodent's final run.

However sweet, Nature's Benevolence is not Free; Align yourself as a sail to the wind; listen carefully! And your heart may spare you the cruelty That only you can impose upon yourself.

Do not Abandon your Heart; It may be the weakling child Who defied the storm, The stubborn fern that keeps growing back Because the seed remains hidden; Hiding in a place where it remains untouched As long as you find it first And then you will never lose it, And Benevolence and Brutality Are no different.

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